"The earth is made of butterfly wings, dinosaur teeth, pumpkin seeds, lizard skins, and fallen leaves. Put your hands in the soil and touch yesterday;and all that will be left of tomorrow shall return so that new life can celebrate this day."- Betty Peck

Beautiful, lush gardens that are low maintenance
 using drought-tolerant, Mediterranean-climate 
and California Native plants.

      Incorporating bold colors and interesting textures 
that are inviting and pleasurable experiences 
for you and visitors to your garden.

 Gardens that bring in wildlife 
to establish or renovate an ecosystem. 

Edible Gardens
from container gardens and raised vegetable beds 
to fruit orchards

Problem-solving for specific challenges 
selecting plants that co-exist and withstand the browsing of deer and gophers, or present site challenges such as clay or sandy soils, dry slopes, shade, and fire-potential areas.

Mindful of sustainable practices 
re-use materials that are on site whenever possible, 
recommend irrigation systems appropriate to the site and the planting,  champion the use of organic materials such as thick mulch layers that hold moisture, reduce erosion and 
return organic matter to the soil.